About The Project

Few states have been as hard hit by the opioid epidemic as New Hampshire, where more than 1,600 Granite Staters have died of drug overdose since 2012.

Crossroad: The NH Opioid Reporting Project explores how government, the healthcare system and local communities are responding to the crisis. We're using data and scientific research, as well as reporting from the front lines to examine how lawmakers and other officials are working to expand treatment, address the causes of addiction and save lives. 

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A critical element of Crossroad is giving voice to those who have been directly affected by opioid use. NHPR is collecting stories from Granite Staters who have experienced addiction or know someone who has. These firsthand accounts focus on what lessons they've learned about opioid use, the recovery process and what they wish more people understood about the realities of addiction.

These stories also inspired a series of questions the project will try to answer:

Where is this epidemic headed? Is there an end in sight? What's the long-range strategy to reduce drug abuse and make treatment more accessible? And what barriers remain on the path to recovery for people suffering from this terrible disease?